Claudia Rose ART

How to Heal the Memory of Trauma with a simple technique suitable for children and adults. Gentle, loving words to remind you that "You Are Blessed" and you can choose thoughts that result in more positive feelings.

Meditation: Be the Light You Are

Short meditation to help you re-connect with the vast brilliance of your Inner Being. Soothing. Gentle. Uplifting. A healing message of love.

60-Second Miracle: a message of love and wisdom

Access the love and wisdom of your Inner Being. Learn how to experience your perfection in 60 seconds.

What Can You Expect in a Divine Love Healing Session?

​​Discover what you can expect in a one-on-one or group Divine Love Healing Session with Claudia Rose, Ph.D. in which your divine perfection is mirrored back to you. Ideal for people of all faiths who want to experience their Oneness with Spirit.

VIDEO Love Offerings

A Love Letter from the Divine

I have been nurturing a relationship with my Divine Self for decades. This is an early love letter that will help you align with your own Divine Self.